Cosmetic Dentistry in Hernando, MS

Cosmetic dentistry in Hernando, MS

You might feel self-conscious if you have cosmetic flaws in your smile such as crooked, discolored, or misshapen teeth. Many people with cosmetic dental issues cover their smiles because they are concerned about what other people might think of their teeth. Fortunately, we are here to help give you a stunning new smile.

We want you to have the beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for, and with cosmetic dentistry, we can help you achieve a stunning new smile. We are a cosmetic dental practice. Our skilled and caring team has the skills and knowledge to help improve your confidence with a brighter smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services:

  • Teeth Whitening | If you have discolored, stained, or yellowed teeth that keeps you from smiling, we can help. We provide several tooth whitening options to help you get a whiter and brighter smile. We offer both Zoom! in-office whitening and Nite White take-home kits to fit your needs.
  • DENTAL Veneers | Dental veneers are a thin shell made of tooth-like material used to repair teeth and beautify smiles. Porcelain dental veneers sheathe a variety of cosmetic issues including small gaps, misaligned teeth, chips or cracks, and more.
  • Invisalign | You can have straighter teeth without traditional wire-and-bracket braces. The Invisalign® teeth-straightening system has continued to advance for the past few decades, providing straighter smiles in as little as nine months to a year. Invisalign® treatment uses removable, clear trays to straighten teeth comfortably and effectively.
  • Dental Crowns | Dental crowns are an excellent restorative option that can repair and protect damaged teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. Every one of our dental crowns is crafted with high-quality porcelain material to blend in with your natural teeth. We custom design each crown to complement your individual smile.
  • Dental Bridges | With a dental bridge, we can fill in gaps between your teeth and restore the functionality and beauty of your smile. Dental bridges consist of several dental crowns that “bridge” the space left by a missing tooth. Each dental bridge is custom-made and custom-fitted for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign in Hernando, MS

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We care about all of our patients and work to provide cosmetic dentistry to help you and your family achieve the beautiful smiles you deserve. If you have any questions about our cosmetic options, please call our Hernando, MS office today at 662-429-5239, or contact us here!