Different Types of Teeth

Have you ever wondered why you have so many different types of teeth? We know they help us chew, but in fact, your teeth serve a number of other purposes like support your lips, help with speech, and to help give height to your mouth. That being said, we wanted to spend some time highlighting some of the different types of teeth, and all of the purposes they serve!

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What are the Different Types of Teeth?

In adults, there are 4 main types of teeth. While some people vary slightly, the average adult has 32 teeth, divided evenly on the top and bottom of the mouth. Here are the specific types of teeth, and different purposes they serve you and your mouth:

  • Incisors: These are the thin teeth at the front of your mouth. Incisors help with speech, they support your lips, and they help in the chewing process.
  • Canines: Adults have 4 canines on the ends of the incisors. Canines are slightly pointed teeth that help cut through food. Like the incisors, they also support the lips.
  • Premolars: These are the teeth that rest behind the canines. Premolars are slightly flattened at the top. They’re designed to help chew food, and to maintain the height of the mouth.
  • Molars: Behind the premolars are the molars. These are the widest, flattest teeth in your mouth. There are 12 altogether, and like premolars, they help chew food as well as support the height of your mouth.
  • Supernumerary Teeth: These are any teeth that form outside of the normal teeth mentioned above. While the normal amount of adult teeth is 32, more can appear. The most common supernumerary teeth are extra incisors, but extra molars aren’t too uncommon, either.
  • Natal Teeth: These are rare teeth that are sometimes present at birth. These teeth have no roots and tend to appear in every one out of 3,000 births.

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