Don’t Let Soda Ruin Your Smile!

We all know sugar can cause damage to our teeth and we know that soda is filled with sugar. But it’s not just the sugar in soda that gives us problematic teeth. There are acids in soda that break down tooth enamel and cause tooth decay, and it doesn’t end there. Here at Desoto Family Dental Care, we care about your teeth. Let us fill you in about the problems and can and will arise from constant soda drinking.

Soda Weakens Tooth Enamel

With ingredients like phosphate and citric acids, soda works to wear down your tooth enamel, ultimately weakening your teeth. Tooth enamel protects your teeth while chewing and grinding to prevent pain from harmful temperatures and chemicals. While your saliva is used to protect your tooth’s enamel, soda works against it, wearing it down and eventually making your teeth susceptible to decay.

Soda Stains Your Smile

Aside from wearing down tooth enamel, soda will stain your teeth and make you lose your white smile. The sugars in soda creates plaque on your teeth creating a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth. Over time, that layer of plaque will start to give your teeth a yellow stain and simply brushing your teeth won’t solve the problem. In addition to the cavities you’ll need filled from all that soda drinking, you’ll have to visit a dentist for treatment such as teeth whitening. Luckily for you, a Desoto dentist is here to help. Desoto offers a great teeth-whitening service to get those soda stained teeth back to bright white! Find out more information on our website here.

Keep Your Teeth Soda Free

The best way to keep your teeth free from the terrors of soda is to simply not drink it. Substitute soda for fresh juice, milk, and water to prevent decay and damage. Even citric juices can work like soda to break down the health of your teeth. If you decide to drink soda and other harmful liquids, you can use a straw to reduce the contact of these liquids to your teeth. While soda, energy drinks, and citrus juices taste great, they aren’t worth the damage they cause your teeth. Keep your smile bright and white and refrain from drinking these harmful liquids!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Desoto Family Dental Care welcomes new smiles all year round!