Do you Have Dental Anxiety? Try Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety regarding dental visits is more common than you might think. Estimates suggest that between 9 and 15 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Skipping your 6 month professional cleaning is one thing, but many people will needlessly suffer through the symptoms of damaged teeth and periodontal disease for the sake of avoiding the dentist. That is when dental anxiety can become an issue.

Desoto Family Dental Care is happy to offer sedation dentistry services to patients who experience dental anxiety and fear. We understand that dental anxiety is a common issue for those in need of dental care, and we are proud to offer a means of dental treatment that makes your visits less nerve-wracking.

Dangers of Avoiding the Dentist

People with dental anxiety, or on the more extreme end, dental phobia, are at an elevated risk for gum disease and early tooth loss. No matter how well you take care of your teeth at home, it’s crucial to visit your dentist every 6 months for a deep cleaning and assessment of your dental well being. Even if your at-home dental care is excellent, it’s still possible to develop cavities and early stages of gum disease. Things that your dentist would be able to recognize before they escalate into more serious conditions.

People with dental anxiety will avoid visiting their dentist even when they’re experiencing painful symptoms. This is potentially dangerous because the longer these symptoms go untreated, they will likely worsen in terms of pain and severity. Gum disease, for example, can lead to tooth loss in its worst stages.

What is Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is the use of certain pharmacological agents before a patient goes into a checkup or procedure. At Desoto Family Dental Care, we offer nitrous oxide or a form of oral conscious sedation that patients can take an hour before coming in for their appointment. These agents are prescribed to help patients feel calm and relaxed before dental procedures. Beyond their calming effect, these treatments also help to minimize pain during dental treatments.

Neither nitrous nor oral conscious sedation lasts a very long time, so you won’t have to lose a whole day to grogginess after your dental treatment. They are also both very safe methods of sedation. Nitrous has existed for many years and remains the most commonly used form of sedation for American dentists today.

Do you Suffer from Dental Anxiety?

If anxiety has been keeping you from visiting the dentist, call us at 662-429-0758 to learn more about our sedation dentistry. You can also contact us here.